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About Dr. Miller...

I have been working for over thirty years to master the art of developing trusting relationships with individuals, couples and families. 

I can help you understand yourself, grieve the losses normal in life, work through depression or anxiety as it comes, and discover how to enjoy being who you are. I can help you resolve interpersonal conflict and love family and friends more.

I am eager to know you and to hold you in our shared understanding of who you are now, how you got here and who you are becoming. That is to say, I will use mindful relational practices and communication skills to secure you in yourself.

Northwestern University

Chicago Theological Seminary

American Association of Pastoral Counselors

Individual Psychotherapy      ᐧ      Marriage Psychotherapy      ᐧ      Business Coaching

What Dr. Miller's clients are saying...

Hitting the white waters of midlife (empty nest, divorce, job loss, death of parents, etc), I needed someone to help steady my craft until I could reach safer waters. Christopher guided me through with a mix of deep listening, probing questions, and Spirit-led reflection that got me through, improved my navigational skills, and renewed my soul for the rest of the journey. 

I started seeing Christopher Miller in my twenties when I began having panic attacks. He helped me sort through a tangle of family history that included the sudden death of one parent and the mental illness of the other. Through his work, I found a place of clarity and health that I never would have believed existed. Christopher MIller's wisdom and insight was key to my healing at that painful time in my life. Since then, I’ve been grateful for his steadiness as I’ve checked in periodically with other life tangles in marriage, work, and my own role as a parent. I’m so grateful for Christopher Miller. He has been key in helping me to become the kind of person I’ve always hoped to be.

I have been a client of Chris Miller for almost 20 years. He has demonstrated a phenomenal ability to both understand me as well as leverage that understanding to guide me in better understanding myself. Chris reinforced that fundamental sense of what it is to be alive by listening in ways I have never experienced. While most people would likely expect that from a therapist, Chris goes far beyond that. He also, through listening and being genuinely curious about me, loves in ways that I have never expected (but always desired). Perhaps the most important outcome or value of talking with Chris is the substantive ripple effect in which I am more capable of doing the same for others.

Understanding and compassion are at the core of my sessions with Christopher, and that has made it possible for me to explore difficult and painful issues. I have experienced growth and healing week after week, and I feel that my work with Christopher has led me to deeper self knowledge and peace. 




9am - 6pm

7 days a week

Call or email for availability.

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